Taylor Nelson // Malibu, California

As a kid Taylor grew up sailing to the Channel Islands with her dad, and learned to surf when she was five years old. In middle school she started surfing Malibu, and a few years later she joined the Malibu Surfing Association and started competing. Surfing is a huge part of her life and she’s extremely thankful for all the experiences it has given her.

Taylor is currently attending the University of Hawaii, Manoa, study to get her degree in Business Management. She has been making sure to make the most of her time in Hawaii surfing all the breaks Oahu has to offer. She also goes back to Malibu often to visit her family and surf her favorite wave, Malibu point. Taylor thrives on long right point breaks and has grace and style beyond her years. She always seems to be happy and it’s always a pleasure watching her surf.

Surfing has taken Taylor all over the world to places such as Australia, Mexico, Israel, Hawaii, Costa Rica and up and down the California Coast. She plans on packing a backpack and some boards to explore Europe once she finishes her Business Management degree at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

Taylors favorite surfboard by bing is the Elevator. It was her first Bing and it holds a very special place in her heart. It’s also perfect for the bu!

Instagram: @tayrosenels