Mick Rodgers // Palos Verdes, California

Mick Rodgers grew up in the South Bay of Los Angeles, CA where he learned a lot about respecting the locals and knowing your rank within the lineup. Mick was introduced to surfing through his father who he notes as his biggest influence. Mick’s father had a strong love for the 60’s era surfing and passed that knowledge onto Mick as he started surfing on a single fin. This is why Mick is such a advanced single fin longboarder today and has great style in all types of waves.

The South Bay has quite the surfing history with the likes of Velzy, Jacobs and Bing surfboards to name a few. This is why Mick feels so fortunate to ride for Bing Surfboards today. Being a part of the legacy and the brands evolution is a honor and privilege he is quick to recognize. Micks quick feet, athletic stature and keen wave knowledge give him a unique style which has helped Matt Calvani explore new designs allowing Mick to realize his full potential. This has spawned a new team longboard model appropriately named the Bing “Mr. Rodgers” Model.

Mick is humble and quiet but has a quirky side once you get to know him. He focuses on enjoying the simple things in life rather than trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. He’d rather do what he enjoys, surf everyday and experience life with his close friends. So far so good. Mick currently lives in Encinitas, CA near the Bing factory and gets to surf everyday there is surf. He’s looking forward to traveling more, surfing new waves and meeting new people.

Mick likes what he sees currently for the longboard surf culture. Mick states, “it’s evolved a lot and there are so many people that are putting their own twist on things it’s exciting to see people take more interest compared to when I first started”. Mick likes that single fin surfing is getting more recognition for it’s merit, style and contribution it’s made in surfing history. Mick will surely be part of the longboard discussion for years to come.

Instagram: @mrrodgers_neighborhood