Lauren Hill // St. Augustine, Florida

Lauren L. Hill is a freesurfer and writer. She serves as a brand ambassador for Billabong, where she helps to develop projects that focus on environmental sustainability and empowering women and girls through surfing.

With degrees in both Environmental and Social Science, Lauren writes about her travels for a variety of publications, ranging from academic to mainstream media in the US, Europe and Australia.

Lauren also maintains a blog, The Sea Kin, which explores themes around women’s surfing, marine conservation, health and community.

Floridian by birth, Lauren is now based in wave rich Byron Bay, where she’s been living off the grid for the past 3 years and learning to grow food. She works with the NGOs Surfers for Cetaceans and Women for Whales.

Most recently, Lauren traveled to India with Beyond the Surface International for the first all-female surf/humanitarian documentary trip to the subcontinent. The film, which explores the usage of surfing as a tool for social developement and community building, will release in Spring 2014.

Instagram: @theseakin