James Parry // Cornwall, England

James Parry was born and raised in the countryside of the United Kingdom until the age of 13. At that point his parents moved to coast where James was introduced to surfing for the first time. His home break is located in a small village called Sennen in the far South West part of Cornwall. James was a quick study and he took advantage of being able to watch and learn from local surfers Sam Bleakley and John Buchorski. James is a very stylish, smooth and well balanced surfer which melds perfectly with riding single fin longboards. He always seems to be on the best waves of the day and in just the right spot as well. This allows him to look relaxed and effortless in his maneuvers.

James was competing on the world longboard tour for the past several years. He was a regular invitee for the prestigious Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational surfing competitions. James cherishes the time he had to meet, watch and surf with some of the best long boarders in the world. However, James is now focusing more on travel and free surfing to satisfy his own personal growth and ambitions.

On any given day you can find James surfing and turning heads at any of the world class point breaks up and down the Southern California coast. With his surf van and eye on swell and wind conditions James always seems to be on it. He’s been riding for Bing Surfboards for the last two years and has been a big part of the R&D process for our line of modern longboards. He’s been working with Matt Calvani on developing some new models and looks forward to introducing some of these to the surfing community very soon.

Instagram: @jimmyjamesparry