Israel Preciado // Sayulita, Mexico

Israel “izzy” Preciado was born in Mexico city but moved to the beach a couple days later and has been there ever since. His life revolves around the ocean. He used to captain a fishing boat, lead surf trips all up and down the west coast of Mexico and studied to be a Dive Master after high school.

Now Izzy lives in Sayulita, Nayarit, and runs a Surf guiding/school company He’s always grateful to live in such a beautiful place near the sea where he can score warm water waves, eat really good food and live a simple good life.

Izzy’s traveled to a lot of places to expand his surfing experience. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Canada, USA ( California) and India. Through his travels he’s met a lot of great people and has made connections to people who now call Izzy a friend. He currently rides for Quality Peoples Clothing Company, Zinka Sunscreen and Bing Surfboards. “Im really stoked to be part of the Bing team, Matt Calvani is a great guy plus he shapes amazing boards, Margaret and the guys at the factory are some of nicest peeps I have meet in California.”

If you want to experience the small slice of paradise Izzy manages down in Sayulita be sure go visit his website and contact him to set up your own surf adventure. He’s a great guide, person and you’ll be sure to have the time of your life in Mexico with Izzy as your guide.

Instagram: @surfinmexico