Ignacio Solis // Salinas, Spain

Surfing has been a part of Ignacio “Chuk” Solis’s life ever since he stood up on a surfboard for the first time in the early eighties. Chuk started off on a shortboard and eventually found longboarding by late nineties. Today you can find Chuk surfing all types of boards depending on the surf conditions.

In 2007 Chuk Solis joined the Bing Surfboards family and started to promote the Bing brand in Spain. He feels something special being a part of the family and is appreciative that people take interest in his surfing even though he is now in his forties. Surfing is one of his passions in life along with his wife and two children.

Chuk says “Bing Surfboards creates the best surfboards which allow me to test my skills in all types of wave conditions. There’s no doubt that my surfing ability has grown at a much more rapid pace riding Bing Surfboard designs. I feel fortunate to have this relationship.”

Chuk lives in Salinas, Northern Spain where the wave conditions are diverse, consistent and challenging at times. This allows Chuk to test and ride a wide array of surfboards and get in the water almost every day. Salinas also plays host to an exceptional Longboard Festival every summer. Joel Tudor’s Duct tape Tour even made a stop in Chuk’s hometown where Chuk was the local judge for the contest. If you want to see what Chuk is up to and what his interest are visit his blog at diariodeunchurfer.com.

Photos by: Claudio, Sidrisima and Felix Gonzalez