Chris Del Moro // Florence, Italy and Los Angeles, California

Chris Del Moro is a genuine heart felt human that is a positive inspiration to be around. He’ll tell you that investing time with family, friends, nature and creating art are a huge part of who he is. CDM was born in Italy and split his childhood up between Los Angeles, CA and Florence, Italy. These two worlds have influenced and shaped Chris into an open minded and well traveled individual. His perspective on the world seems to be filled with honesty and love from someone who has experienced a multitude of cultures.

Chris is a very well rounded and talented surfer and artist. He’s is known for owning a large selection of surf craft that starts with fins for body surfing all the way to huge vintage wooden longboards. He is adept at riding almost anything on water with style. He can longboard really well, get barreled with the best of them and even mastered riding alternative crafts such as the traditional wood Alaia. This is one reason why his relationship with Bing Surfboards is so strong. The large selection of shapes that Matt Calvani is able to create for Chris keeps him challenged, entertained and happy no matter what Chris’s mood or surf destination. When CDM is not in the water you can often find him working on some sort of art project. He’s adept at painting, wood burning/engraving, prints, sewing, and a whole host of other ways in which he can create and express himself. You never know what Chris will come up with next but you can bet it’ll be inspired by the ocean or mother nature.

CDM is also a life long vegetarian and activist who works with Surfers for Cetaceans, founded by his close friend Dave Rastovich, who are trying to help protect dolphins and whales from being hunted in the open oceans. He’s traveled all over the world to stage protests and to spread awareness for the issues that effect the oceans and animals that inhabit them. His positive energy and genuine love can be felt and is why he’s been able to help inspire people to care and take action.

So the next time you see Chris say hello and hopefully you’ll have some time to talk and share some time. You can see him in past films such as “Sliding Liberia”(Britton Caillouette), “The Present”(Thomas Campbell) or his most recent film “Bella Vita”(Jason Baffa).

Instagram: @chrisdelmoro111