Dharma 2.0: Ridden by Bing Rider Richard Kotch

Bing rider Richard Kotch loves the Dharma 2.0.
Watch the video, and read his words below to see what we mean.

We asked Rich to give us a little info about the board he is riding in the video. This is what he said:

"It’s a standard ‘off the rack’ 5’6 Dharma 2.0 It paddles so well that I almost feel like I’m cheating sometimes! If I had to describe it in one word it would be ‘Glide’ as it seems to glide into waves with minimum effort and glide across sections effortlessly. At first impressions it looks like a board for small, soft waves and of course it’s wave catching advantages and ability to plane across flat sections means that it is an excellent small wave board, but I have been equally impressed with it in slightly bigger waves. It loves a long point break, especially frontside when you can really compress into your bottom turn - holding your rail in the water for far longer than you’d expect for such a short board! It holds into a barrel really nicely and is super responsive to the most subtle of mid-barrel line adjustments! It would be the first board in my bag if I happened to be heading to the Maldives on a surf trip! Haha...Good times!"

- Rich

Bing shaper Matt Calvani released a video about a year ago talking about the Dharma 2.0. If you have any questions, or would like to contact us about ordering one, please email us at sales@bingsurf.com. We are happy to help you find the right dimensions to fit your needs.