The Glider Gun

While in our factory in Encinitas that has been in continuous use for making surfboards since 1968, I came across a bunch of 30+ year old Clark foam Gun Blanks. I contacted the property owner and bought about eight of them. This board along with another one came out of a 10'7" Barnfield blank. They were perfect rocker and thickness to make a glider style single fin gun. The boards feature a healthy amount of nose rocker with a long flat tail rocker perfect for gliding on small waves yet can be ridden in big surf if it's not to steep. 


At 10'0" 23" wide and 3 3/4" thick it will work for anyone 150 lb to 240 lb. I think to fully appreciate this board one would need to come to our retail store to see it in person. I feel it's a very unique board that's currently not out in the market. I'm seriously considering making it a model so if the lure of the Clark blank isn't enough I'd be more than happy make a custom Bing Glider Gun.  - Matt Calvani