Bing Craftsman: Gary Beecher

Continuing our #BingCraftsman photo series we bring you the one and only Gary Beecher, but just "Beecher" around the factory. Beecher is a polisher and sander here at #BingSurfboards, and known in the surf community as one of, if not, the best polisher/sander alive today. For decades Beecher has built surfboards for nearly every notable manufacturer, and at one point had keys to every surfboard factory from the Mexican border to Orange County. Beecher is one of the biggest personalities in the factory and always brings humor to the day. He's a wildly dedicated surf craftsman and is often seen working late into the night and before the sun rises in the morning. We feel so fortunate to have Beecher with us building the best possible boards we can. So here's to you Beecher, #BingCraftsman

Photo: Stone Crandall