Bing Craftsman: Adam Cap

We're going to start a new little photo series here to introduce some of the incredible craftsman we have here at Bing Surfboards, and we're going to call it #BingCraftsman (you can follow along on Instagram or Facebook if you'd like as well)

This is Adam Cap. Adam is the Production Manager here, which basically means that he does everything. At 16, Adam was living up in South Bay Los Angeles and riding a few of Matt Calvani's shapes when Matt asked if he could come in to help trace some templates and do some basic sanding. Well it worked out well, fast forward 10 years and Adam is still here (even after moving the entire production factory with Matt and @theshaperswife from the South Bay here to Encinitas, California). On any given day you if you cruise into the Bing Factory, you will see Adam, most likely in khakis and a white t-shirt covered in dust, making sure that everything that leaves these walls meets our incredibly high standards. So, here’s to Adam, #bingcraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall