Bing Craftsman: Mick Rodgers


It’s installment four of our #BingCraftsman series and we are so proud to feature the one and only Mick Roders. Mick came to Bing Surfboards in 2010 not as an employee but as a talented surfer that we wanted in our lineup and soon thereafter joined us as an employee. Mick is in charge of quality control and packing here at Bing, which means that he is the last one to lay eyes and hands on your beautiful board before it arrives on your doorstep or local shop. Mick has his roots in the South Bay, the birth place of Bing Surfboards and is a perfect fit here (in fact we like him so much that he got his own pro-model longboard, appropriately named the Mr. Rodgers Model). He is humble and quiet but has a quirky side once you get to know him. He focuses on enjoying the simple things in life rather than trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. He’d rather do what he enjoys, surf everyday and experience life with his close friends. Mick is a member of the #VanLife community, traveling, living, and surfing out of his sweet Ford camper conversion van and is an all around first class guy. So here's to you Mick, #BingCraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall