Bing Craftsman: Ryan Shaver

It’s installment seven of our #BingCraftsman series and about time we feature our Shop Manager, Ryan Shaver. Ryan is a native Californian with a huge passion for 50’s and 60’s surf culture. Ryan grew up living and surfing North County San Diego before life took him to Arizona, and finally back to Redondo Beach. Back in California, Ryan took a job with Becker Surfboards where he spent the better part of two decades and where, as fate would have it, he met Matt Calvani. After Becker, Ryan worked with both Quiksilver and Deus before reconnecting with Matt and us here at Bing. We are so thankful to now have Ryan and his sweet family here in #Encinitas with us. When Ryan is not surfing or in our surf shop talking boards and surf history, you can find him working on and enjoying classic shovel head Harleys and 50’s and 60’s classic cars. Ryan’s grandfather was a mechanic who owned a hot rod shop in Napa, California where Ryan would spend his Summers soaking up everything he could. The first car he did a full custom job on was a 1955 Ford F100. So, if you ever want to talk surf, Harley, classic car, or hey, if you need help rebuilding a carburetor, drop by the shop and talk to Ryan. He’s you man. So thanks for all you do Ryan! You make this place great.

Photo: Stone Crandall