Bing Craftsman: Kyle Chambers

It’s installment six of our #BingCraftsman series and we’re stoked to highlight Kyle Chambers, our Operations Manager here at Bing. Kyle plays the important role of being both the voice of the guys building boards on the floor as well as the voice of our dealers and customers. Kyle makes sure everyone is up to date with every board that will be built, is currently in production, or has just been finished. And when they are finished Kyle makes sure they get out the door on the right truck or ship. Kyle hails from the birthplace of Bing Surfboards, South Bay LA and has been with us here at Bing for the last 5 years. When he is not here keeping things in order he can found surfing, playing competitive kick-ball (seriously) or indoor soccer. Kyle’s 3 favorite boards are his 9’8” Silver Spoon, 6’2” Dart, and 5’8” Swee’ Pea. Kyle is also our in-house restaurant expert, and says that if you don’t drop everything right now to go grab a Hot Torpedo at Pizzaiolo in Encinitas, you are missing out. So here’s to you Kyle! Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall