Bing Craftsman: Sam Cody

It’s installment five of our #BingCraftsman series and we are so proud to feature the incredibly talented Sam Cody. Sam is our in-house airbrusher and pin line master here at Bing Surfboards and is truly an artist. Steve Pezmen of Surfer’s Journal said “Sam Cody is of that small cadre of highly-specialized and skilled artisans that, over years of practice, have taken their particular segment of surfboard building to a master level, enjoying a considerable albeit underground reputation within the sub-cultural community in which they work.” In the early 60’s while living in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego Sam began refinishing his own boards to trade them in for new ones. Soon enough his skill and reputation grew and he was a full blown member of the industry doing color work for Olympic, Gordon & Smith, Channin, Evolution, and now Bing Surfboards. In 1980, Rusty Preisendorfer influenced Sam in the art of airbrushing and he never looked back. Sam’s reputation is known throughout the surfboard industry as one of the finest craftsmen in the field of precision color designs. We are so thankful here at Bing to have Sam under our roof and look forward to every bit of work that comes out of his bay. So here’s to you Sam Cody, #BingCraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall