Richard Kotch and his Bing Dart

We all know that the best surf days are those when Surfline says 'Poor,' but we paddle out anyways and the conditions end up being super fun. Well, Richard Kotch had one of those days but to the next level. Richard describes the day:

"Sometimes you've just got to paddle out! This morning had moments but it was nothing special, I had been swimming for a couple hours when a big squall hit and ripped the swell apart...complete whiteout conditions and totally un surfable so we went in for a coffee...twenty mins later the sky lightened slightly and the wind hinted at backing off so I paddled out. The next 45 mins were the best waves I've seen so far this season!"

Richard is riding his Bing Surfboards Dart Round Pin, and really proving that this board can handle anything from medium days here in Encinitas, to huge 3x overhead days in the Maldives. Way to really put this board through its paces Richard and thank you Amy Kotch for the amazing photograph!