Shop Feature: The Shop Next Door

This is a shop to lose yourself in, floating around looking for that board you just have to have. Not if you are looking for a high performance board though. This is a place of gliding and long drawn out lines, and fun. Most of all fun.

BING-SURFBOARDS-THE-SHOP-NEXT-DOOR-3 just featured one of our favorite Australian Surf Shops and we couldn't be more stoked. The Shop Next Door in Manly NSW Australia stocks only the highest quality boards and goods, and we at Bing Surfboards are thrilled to be among the shops offerings. Their commitment to the core and heritage of surfing is something we really admire.

Products that are built to last on a foundation of authenticity, that really was a driving force for me here

If you could only have one board in your quiver and I didn’t know what the waves would be like it would be a Bing Dharma. It is just so versatile.

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