Unstad Arctic Surf Camp + Bing Surfboards

Unstad Arctic Surf Camp Thoughts of surfing usually conjure up beautiful images of barreling point breaks, sandy beaches, and hot summer days ... but one of the incredible things about surfing is that it can happen wherever a wave happens. My mind was blown when I saw the images and heard stories of the Unstad Arctic Surf Camp, a Surf Camp that exists above the Arctic Circle in Norway. The folks at Unstad Surf camp create a once in a lifetime experience where you can join them for everything from a beginners surf lesson to a weekend retreat, to a full group camp experience. One of their philosophies is their desire to 'warm your body and soul' and they really live up to that motto. Not only do they offer some of the most breathtaking surf on Earth to warm your soul, they will warm you body with their cozy cabins, traditional saunas, and incredible food. We here at Bing Surfboards are so thrilled that they stock a full lineup of Bing boards that have been tested and proven in the incredible arctic waters. So if you are looking for the day, weekend, or trip of a lifetime, check out Unstad Arctic Surf Camp.




uas-services-fp All photo credits: Unstad Arctic Surf Camp