Meet Ryan Shaver - New Bing Surf Shop Manager

Ryan_Bio Ryan Shaver is a family man who loves surfing and the California hotrod culture of the 50's and 60's. Ryan first met Matt Calvani back when they both worked for Becker surfboards. Ryan stayed with Becker for 12 years before moving onto companies such as Quicksilver and Rip Curl. Most recently Ryan worked along side Woolie as an apprentice building motorcycles for Deus ex Machina. His love for hotrods, motorcycles and the California culture around them meant that Ryan was very familiar with Bing Surfboards. It's not uncommon to see a hotrod pic from the past with a Bing Surfboard somewhere near by. Ryan's passion for building bikes and cars translates to his love for manufacturing surfboards. He even worked for a number of years as a sander for Becker.

Ryan often can be seen polishing all the surfboards like they are pristine hotrods from the past. His attention to detail and knowledge of the surfboards is a great resource for all those who come in wanting to learn more about the boards and the brand. We're excited to have Ryan on board and look forward to seeing how he puts his stamp on the Bing Surfboards Surf Shop.

You'll see a change soon with new products he's already bringing in. Some notable lines landing soon will be from Brixton, Hippy Tree, Raen and Seea. Be sure to stop by, say hi and talk story.