TBT: Time of Transition

Nuuhiwa_Sutherland_tbt David Nuuhiwa surfing Pipeline in early winter 1965 on a Bing custom shape with Jock Sutherland looking on riding a Donald Takayama signature model. Donald Takayama moved on to shape under the Jacobs surfboard label in December of 1966. Even though David Nuuhiwa's iconic status and surfboard model was enough to carry the Bing label for a few more years Bing recognized he needed a high profile replacement to keep moving forward. David Nuuhiwa and Duke Boyd (Hang Ten owner) recommended Dick Brewer. Dick had just left Hobie and Bing knew it would be a handful to get Dickskill100_brewer signed. In the winter of 1966 Bing and Boyd flew over to Maui to make their pitch to Dick Brewer. It took paying Dick $50 per board he shaped (double the rate of the time) and a $25 per board royalty fee for Dick Brewer model boards made under the Bing label. Bing also installed an air-conditioned unit in Brewer's shaping room. The topper was buying Dick Brewer a brand new, highly polished Skil 100 planer. It was enough and the deal was inked. The relationship solidified both label and shaper into the surfboard building hall of fame. The two boards that came out of the relationship, and boards that we still make today, were the Brewer-designed Bing Pipeliners and the offspring Pintail Lightweight.

The information and images were pulled from our book "Bing Surfboards fifty years of craftsmanship and innovation". Purchase the book here: www.bingsurf.com/product/bing-surfboards-book/