Peter & Jens on Good Morning Sweden

Peter & Jens Show Peter Sahlberg and Jens Holmer were recently interviewed on "Good Morning Sweden". They have an 8 episode series that is running in Sweden about their surf camp they run called Surf Akademin ( Peter and Jens have been visiting Encinitas and riding Bing Surfboards for many years now. The orange board seen in interview is a Bing Surfboard. The model is a modified Elevator called the "Peter & Jens model". Many of the Swedish surfers that attend and learn to surf with them ride the many Bing Surfboards they have on hand. They have locations all over the world and offer full packages that handle every aspect of the persons journey. Great for the beginning surfer coming out of Sweden. If you want to check out their site visit here: Warning it's in Swedish as is the interview below. Thanks Peter and Jens for the plug.