#TBT with the Maui Foil - Past & Present

Maui_Foil In the late 60's Bing Surfboards developed the Maui Foil for larger hollower waves. Proven in Hawaii with team riders Keith Paull and Rolf Arness the Maui Foil can handle hollow breaks with a lot of moving water. The ad above was published in the March issue of Surfer Magazine in 1970. The previous winter Duke Boyd traveled with Bing Copeland, Keith Paull and Rolf Arness and took the pictures used in the ads that would follow.

Today, Matt Calvani continues the tradition of creating these boards but he adds his own refinement to them to work for modern day surfers. Chris Del Moro is seen above scoring perfect barrels on his Maui Foil somewhere in the Indian ocean. If you view the video below the last few waves show CDM on his black and white striped Maui Foil paddling into some bombs and getting super shacked. If you've been looking for something that paddles well in fast moving water but can still handle barrels and maneuvers well the Maui Foil might just be your next board for this winter. Rumors have it we're in a mild El Nino so you might actually need this board this winter. Get on it before you miss the next swell.

View the Maui Foil here: https://www.bingsurf.com/product-category/midlengths/maui-foil/