Wavecrest Woodies Visit the Bing Surf Shop

Wavecrest Woodies The annual Wavecrest Woodie meet is happening all day tomorrow at Moonlight Beach. The guys running the show commissioned a Bing Surfboard to be auctioned at the event. The group came by to pick up the surfboard, talk surfboard design, surf history and to show off their sweet rides. Be sure to check out these vintage automobiles tomorrow.

The Wavecrest Woody meet is the granddaddy of all woodie meets, held annually on the 3rd Saturday in September at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California. You can experience the longest running and largest gathering of woodies in the world. Woodies begin arriving in the wee hours and by 8:00 am there will be around 300 woodies of every size, shape and description on display. Throughout the day there will be Hawaiian and surf music performed live, along with fabulous raffle prizes and awards for the best of the best. Wavecrest merchandise and food will be available at the event. - See more at: http://www.encinitas101.com/events/wavecrest-woodies-annual-meet/