Surf Akademin and Bing on the Cover of Outside Mag

Outside Magazine Sweden Congrats to Peter Sahlberg and Jens Holmer for making the recent cover of Outside Magazine of Sweden. Peter and Jens are seen holding their prized Bing Surfboards on the cover. The two are featured in Outside Magazine of Sweden for their unique surf tourism business; turning their dream into a reality by taking a leap of faith when they first started their business. The issue covers many people like them who have created a unique niche in this world by turning their passions into a life business. Peter and Jens create surf packages for Swedish travelers who want to learn how to surf. They set up the camps in unique locations and provide everything their travelers need to have a good time and get into some fun waves. To learn more about what Peter and Jens do visit their website here: Although you'll need to read Swedish or know someone who does.