The Board Experiment in Surf Girl Mag

Amy_SurfGirl_01 The newest issue of Surf Girl Magazine features "The Board Experiment" article with Amy and Richard Kotch. Visiting surfer Hayley Shaw McGuiness spends time in the Maldives surfing her brains out on all kinds of surf craft to improve her surfing. The Boards

[1] Bing Spork 5'9" [2] Dhalberg 5'4" [3] Bing Bulb 5'6" [4] Webster Longboard 8'6" [5] Hayden Shapes 5'8" [6] Bing Maui Foil, single fin 6'6" [7] Dhalberg 5'5" [8] Bing Dharma 2.0, Quad 5'6"

Here's what Hayley said about the Dharma 2.0 and Bulb. "The Dharma was great to ride it feels like a blend between a performance short board and a fish. The quad set up made it really stable and faster than a normal fish. The Butt-Tail makes it easy to turn and I felt really confident on it in the medium sized waves. The Bulb was similar in the way it felt on the waves a nice mix of glide and sensitivity."

Here's what Hayley said about the Maui Foil. "This board was a wedding gift to Richard and Amy from Bing surfboards and I was really excited to give it a go as it was such a special board. Bing surfboards have been creating amazing surfboards since 1949 and this late 60s classic single fin replica is no exception. I really enjoyed riding this board because it gave me the same paddle power I have on my mal but was far more responsive and faster across the face of the wave. I was able to take off further up the lineup and make sections across the reef that I previously couldn’t make."

Check out the newest issue of Surf Girl magazine if you can and read the full article of these ladies riding perfect waves on all kinds of surfboards.