Twin Fin Layup

TwinFinLayupphotos: aaron kim Now a days most boards come with some sort of fin system such as FCS or Futures. However, there was a time when every board had glass-on fins. Today there are a few customers who still prefer the look and feel of glass-on fins. At Bing Surfboards Adam Cap knows a thing or two about laying up fins for glassing.

Although many boards have a general rule of where to place the fins it takes an experienced person to set them up perfectly for each board. There are measurements but the subtleties of the final placement and angle of each fin are determined by the person installing them. This is where you'll want someone who has experience and knows what the end customer wants out of the surfboard. Lucky for this customer Adam loves twin fin fishes and has an extensive understanding of how the fin setup affects the overall performance. He takes into account all the boards he's made, ridden and feedback he's received from other surfers when he considers how to place the fins. Adam pays attention to all the little details to make a premium end product. The cost and time investment is more for glass-ons but the look and performance of the end product makes it well worth it.