Glass & Resin

laminating A well crafted surfboard is the final culmination of a long hands on process carried out by many unseen craftsmen using a wealth of knowledge that only experience and time can offer. Once foam is blown, given a stringer and masterfully shaped it still needs glass and resin to give it the final properties it needs to function as envisioned. Laminating as it's known is a crucial step in this process. This makes the board waterproof, strong and ultimately beautiful. Many factors can effect the outcome of the glass on your surfboard. The nuances of this process can be considered the artistic part of this process that only knowledgable and experienced laminators can navigate on a consistent basis to deliver a premium product. At Bing Surfboards we have over a 100 years of experience under one roof making sure each surfboard that leaves the factory receives the best craftsmen at each stage of it's production. Enjoy.