Bing Surf Shop welcomes local artist Andy Davis

Andy Davis Clothing Bing Surf Shop is stoked to welcome local Leucadian artist Andy Davis into the house. Anyone who surfs is familiar with Andy's work and the way he captures our local flavor in the warm and fuzzy way only Andy can. Whether it's his flowing surfers on designs like "Lis", "Barrel" or "Soap Stall" or his whimsical humor of "Happy Hour", "El Z Bra", "GFoot" and the "Greetor", wearing one of Andy's tees brings a smile to your face and conjures up thoughts of surf, family, fun, peace, pleasure, joy and goodness.

Andy has put together his own personal collection of ten new tees and a few other custom goodies for us that represent what Summer is all about. "Ashboriginal" is one of Andy's hand drawn prints that he adopted onto a 100% polished and sanded washed cotton short sleeve woven shirt that's perfect for those warm Leucadian nights after a full day of sun, surf and radness. We are proud to offer these first new Andy Davis designs to you for your partaking and enjoyment, cruise in and check 'em out, and throw Andy a shaka when he paddles by in the water.