The Bing Crew Enjoying Some SW/NW Mixed Swell

A-M-J_BeaconsClockwise from top left: Adam Cap, James Parry, James Parry, Mick Rodgers. Photos: Aaron Kim This week in sunny San Diego we were greeted with a nice mix of SW and NW swells giving us some fun waves up and down our coast. Reports were coming in of a lot of places being really fun and a lot bigger than everyone had anticipated. North County San Diego loves the crossed up swells and Encinitas was benefiting from this new ocean energy. On Monday the winds calmed down, the sun came out and the guys took some time off from the factory to paddle into some really fun waves.

Adam Cap manages the factory floor at Bing Surfboards and also has a really nice flowing style. He's seen riding a 7'2" Pintail Mini with a single fin setup. Mick Rodgers is a Bing Team rider with his own surfboard model The Mr. Rodgers but he decided to mix it up with a 8'0" Collector in a single fin setup for this session. James Parry also rides for Bing and he seemed to spend most of his time up on the tip of his California Square Tail. The UK transplant always makes it look so easy logging time on the last two inches of his surfboard.

We hope you were able to get out there in between the clouds and the wind. There's been some great moments and it still looks like there's some surf.