BING SURF SHOP - Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids The folks from Krotchet Kids made it down to the Bing Surf Shop last Saturday to hang and spread the message of what they are doing to help women in Peru and Northern Uganda. It was a sunny day filled with great stories and smiles as experiences where shared. Krochet Kids is a unique company that creates a way to provide jobs, education and empowerment for people who otherwise have little or no alternative opportunities. We all want and need great clothing and there are a lot of choices out there. What if we could positively impact people by simply purchasing a beanie or shirt? Krochet Kids offer this opportunity.

When you purchase a Krochet Kids item you support a company that works to provide these opportunities to women many miles away. It's not a hand out but a way to support a system built to provide positive change. Every item produced by Krochet Kids is hand signed and labeled by each woman who makes that item. You know exactly who put their hands and heart into that piece you are wearing. Although this won't solve all the problems it's many steps in the right direction. We here at Bing proudly support and carry Krochet Kids products at the Bing Surf Shop. If you get a chance check out their website and see what they offer and what they do.

We were blessed to spend some time with some of the great people who make this all happen. We hope you think about Krochet Kids next time you're looking for your next clothing item.

Krochet Kids

This is empowerment. from Krochet Kids intl. on Vimeo.