BING SURF SHOP - The Art of the Fin

Fin_wall Fins are an integral part of your surfboard but is often overlooked as a place that can help personalize and increase performance. At the Bing Surf Shop we carry a wide variety of fins that can help cutomize and improve your surfboard. We carry everything from the standard FCS and Future twin, thruster and quad setups to the highly customized and personal single fins. We've got three fin walls that constantly have new fins being brought in and displayed on our walls. Below are two we currently have down at the surf shop.

D-Fin8.5" Wood and glass D-Fin ($110): This is a classic fin design from the 60's that was modeled after boat rudders. These give a vintage look and allow traditional boards to be era correct all the way down to the fin. The D-fin holds it's line extremely well while giving you long drawn out turns. These fins are definitely more for show now a days but still function for those who want to feel what it was like to ride traditional longboards from the 60's. The glassed wood gives any board an extremely classic look. Add one to the Bing Feral Pig or Classic Pig to make you stand out in the lineup.

Quintal Fin 10" Quintal Single Fin ($114): This clear glass, blue, yellow and green fin is a one of kind fin for your longboard. No two fins for this model are made the same. So you know the one you get will be the only one in the lineup. All the fins are numbered for your records. This fin promotes traditional style riding giving you clean and drawn out lines. It's a more maneuverable D-Fin of sorts with it's back curve and thinner profile. If you've ever had the pleasure of watching Justin Quintal ride you'll know why he rides this fin. A great looking fin for any longboard in your quiver.
Check back soon as we'll feature more fins online for your viewing and learning pleasure. Now go surf!