10'7" Bing 1961 Big Wave Gun Replica

Bing Big Wave Gun 10'7"OG_Board_02

The original big wave gun (seen to your right) was shaped by Bing Copeland at age 25 in 1961. He shaped it with the intent of riding it during huge swell conditions in Southern California. The noseblocks, tailblocks and stringers are all redwood and pine. The fin is a cut down version of Bing's signature fin of the time. Unfortunately a swell big enough never arrived so it hung on a wall in Bing Surfboards Shop and later at George's Surf Center in Huntington Beach. The funny thing is Bing never actually sold the board; it just disappeared and somehow ended up exchanging hands among classic surfboard collectors. In July of 2004 the board ended up being sold on eBay for $18,500. It's good to see Bing Surfboards last 43 years and appreciate in value.

The Big Wave Gun replica was made at the request of Charles Barrieu. Bing Copeland came back into the shaping bay to put his hands on the foam blank. Matt Calvani finished the shape to make sure it was perfect and worked closely with Jim Philips to create the noseblocks, tailblocks and fin for the board. Matt Calvani oversaw the entire process to make sure the board was as close to the original as possible. The colors on this board are different but it looks amazing. It was quite the process to get this board completed and it's a testament to the craftsmanship of Bing Copeland back in 1961. We are proud of this one and it shows that well crafted, quality surfboards are still being made today at the Bing factory. We know Charles will enjoy this for many years to come.

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The Process