The Raven by Bing Surfboards

Recently we've had some fun surf around here in San Diego. Chris Del Moro happened to be in town and was frothing on his new single-fin Raven Matt Calvani shaped up for him. So I went out with CDM and was able to grab some clips. CDM's friends Kassia Meador and Colin Whitbread joined in and photographer Nick Lavecchia was visiting and shooting some epic images. Matt Calvani also made it down to test out a new shape he's currently dubbing the California Pintail. Above is a short clip I made of one of Chris's waves from this session for a 15 sec Instavid featuring the midlength Raven. If you like going fast down the line and carving hard sweeping turns this just might be the board for you. Follow these characters on Instagram here: @chrisdelmoro111, @kassiameador, @cmonkey1105, @nick_lavecchia.

- AK