VIDEO: Blue Surf & Travel Magazine (Germany)

Picking up a custom 9'6 Trimulux from Bing Surfboards, May 2012 from robin york on Vimeo.

"This video tells the story of Blue Surf & Travel Magazine editor and CA based surfer Robin York, from Munich, Germany ordering his first custom single fin from Bing Surfboards, a legendary CA shaping label. The video offers a short interview with Matt Calvani, the Head Shaper at Bing Surfboards, and a look into Matt's shaping bay as he talks through the board's design. Notice the nod to Robin's Bavarian roots in the detailed Bavarian flag airbrush on the underside of the deck! "

The film is shot and edited by Kay Madsen, a German surfer, cinematographer and editor also based in LA.  Click for full story.