Bella Vita: New Film With CDM, Lauren Hill, and Rasta by Jason Baffa

Follow along as Chris Del Moro, Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich journey around Italy shooting and living Bella Vita (translation: beautiful life),  a new documentary film by Jason Baffa (Single Fin Yellow, One California Day) about the beauty of Italy and its unique surf culture.  Images courtesy of Nick Lavecchia, Filippo Maffei, & Jason Baffa

A little message from CDM...

Bella Vita is a film centered around the Italian surf culture and the magic that surrounds this boot shaped land. Over the last 15 years I have been traveling the globe in search of waves, inspiration and adventure. As I've aged and experienced life's ups and downs, it has become clear that one's friends, family and roots should be kept high priority. I've dreamt of a time where I could reconnect with my childhood years spent in Italy and adventure through new zones in hopes of discovering waves and the characters that ride them. Over the last few month's, our group has experienced amazing Italian hospitality, age old creations and some really fun surfing. Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill have been with us for the last month and as they prepare to leave, the Coffin brothers are about to embark on their first trip through their blood lines. It is a great honor to have Jason Baffa and team helping to capture and tell this story on classic 35 mm film.  If you're interested in the progress of this film please follow us on   facebook at   Aloha, Chris 111