Germany's Blue Surf & Travel Magazine Features Bing Surfboards - Part I

If you are fluent in German or are a surfer or both, you won't want to miss recent article in German surf publication, Blue Surf & Travel Magazine featuring Bing Surfboards and the detailed process of building a custom "Bavarian Bing" surfboard for magazine senior editor and writer, Robin York.  This is only Part 1 of a 3-part series, so check back for more!  Click the image above for the full story.

From the editor: "I had a custom longboard shaped by Matt Calvani from Bing surfboards and decided to put the Bavarian flag on the bottom, as I'm from Munich but have been in CA for 13 years. This article is the first in a three part series on the evolution of my custom longboard offer. The board's Bavarian flag design is a nod to my Bavarian heritage as well as a documentation of true CA shaping culture which deserves so much recognition, support and respect. These guys are keeping a tradition alive whose roots stretch back way into the beginnings of CA surfing culture. Their love for and dedication to keeping the art of custom board building alive is simply amazing, and I'm so grateful I got a chance to work with them on this project. Thanks so much to everyone at Bing, shaper Matt Calvani, his wife Margaret Yao Calvani, Kyle Chambers, Adam CapMick Rodgers and everyone that helped make this dream come alive!!!"