Bing Welcomes New Team Rider Mick Rodgers

httpv:// - Bing is proud to present their newest team rider Mick Rodgers. A San Diego transplant from Rancho Palos Verdes, California, Mick was discovered surfing the break "Barneys" by Bing Surfboard's official Ambassador of Fun/Team Manager, Robyn McGinnis.  Mick has been tearing up the college scene, placing 2nd and 6th in the first two contests of the season and doing it all on his 9'8 elevator ( which is not an easy task when surfing stormy beach breaks surrounded by high pro competitors and short board judges). Above is a quick video of his surfing prowess and be sure to watch for him surfing around Cardiff in his infamous charlie brown wetsuit. Good to have you on the team Mick!