Work With Us: Sales Associate at Bing Surf Shop


Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas, CA is seeking an enthusiastic and friendly sales associate to:

  • Increase retail sales conversions: Processing customer transactions and providing excellent customer service.
  • Maintain detailed merchandising: Folding/hanging product, and maintaining proper size/style organization.
  • Maintain immaculate store appearance by general cleaning (dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming).
  • Assist with receiving and tagging merchandise on a regular basis.
  • Assist in store marketing (special promotions, events, displays).
  • Help maintain inventory levels of Bing apparel on a weekly basis.
  • Help facilitate board deliveries/pick-ups to and from the Bing factory. 


  • Previous retail experience (surf retail is preferred).
  • Past experience with retail POS systems (Lightspeed is preferred).
  • Proficient understanding of IOS and MS Office applications, specifically Office, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Excellent customer service skills, and the ability to engage with customers and convert sales.
  • Proficient understanding and knowledge about surfboard construction, features, and design.
  • Experience in facilitating custom surfboard orders.
  • A positive and happy attitude!!!

This is a part time position to start, with possible future growth.  Must be able to work weekends, and pay rate will be determined by the candidate's level of experience.

Bing Surfboards Bueno Life Model Raffle Winner: Eddy El Diri!!!

First note, thanks to all that entered the Bing Surfboards Bueno Life Model Raffle to raise financial support for the Waves For Water Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative! With your help we were able to raise $5000.00 towards helping Waves For Water deliver clean drinking water to those STILL affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, and neighboring islands and communities. 

And the WINNER.... 
Huge congratulations to: EDDY EL DIRI from CANADA!


For more information about the W4W Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative, please visit the Waves For Water website.

Even if you didn't win, YOUR chance to WIN is also goes to a great cause.

- Bing Surfboards



Shaper Sessions Photo Gallery

The event at Shaper's Studio in San Diego featured Bing Master Shaper, Matt Calvani, Roger Hinds and Chris Christenson. Here are some photos from the event shot by Paul Nett.

Shaper Studios presents 'Shaper Sessions' featuring Matt Calvani


Shaper Studios, the world’s first public surfboard workshop, will kick off a new event series named “Shaper Sessions” on  September 30th, 2017 at our San Diego Flagship located in the neighborhood of North Park. This is a night for the entire surf community and surf enthusiasts to come out and watch live surfboard shaping by 3 of the world’s most talented shapers while enjoying live surf music and local craft beer. 
Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on the 3 boards being shaped through a silent auction where all proceeds will benefit SurfAid, a non profit that helps to improve the health and well being of people living in isolated regions around the world.  Each winner will get the chance to customize their new surfboard with the Shaper Studios team. 

Matt Calvani, our Master Shaper will be introduced at the event at 5:30pm and will be shaping around 6:00pm. Live music by Millionaire Beach Bums and The Twin Fins starts around 6pm. Hope you can make it!

An Interview with Nathan Oldfield

Photos: Nathan Oldfield

You just released 'The Church of the Open Sky', beautiful work I must say! What was your inspiration behind making it?

Thank you. Well, I feel like I’m always inspired to make surf films. It’s almost like as soon as I finish one, I start to think about the next one. I’ve been doing it for so long now, that it has just become a natural extension of my surfing life. Also, I guess I’m wired to make things. I feel a deep down need to always be creating something.

How would you say surfing shapes local culture in regions of the world that are somewhat new to it?

I think the exchange can go both ways. All of us can probably think of places on the planet where surfing has been a blessing and also perhaps a curse. Surfing has so much to offer all of us, whether we are new to surfing or whether we have been surfing for a long time. On one hand there are so many positives: connection to nature, community, personal wellbeing. And sometimes there seems to be a connection with surfing and less positive impacts: unhealthy tourism, pollution, overcrowding, overdevelopment, cultural insensitivity. So it really can go either way. For this reason I feel all of us have an individual responsibility to tread gently and gratefully and sensitively when we travel.

Bing rider Lauren Hill treading gently.

Bing rider Lauren Hill treading gently.

As an independent surf filmmaker, what would you say your biggest challenge is?

For me the biggest challenge is that the process of making films is enormously time consuming and not very financially viable. I have never been able to make a living from making surf movies, and I’ve been doing it for over fifteen years. It’s never been my day job. I’m a primary school teacher. Making surf films is just something that I have done on the side because I am passionate about it. I’m also a father of three kids and as they have grown older I’m increasingly finding it a juggle, just managing my time between teaching and filmmaking and being a good dad and a good husband. On the flip side, surf filmmaking has helped me support my family and given us wonderful travel opportunities and friends all over the world.

Lauren Hill, perched in paradise.

Lauren Hill, perched in paradise.

When did you start making surf films, and how would you say your style / process of filming surfing has changed over the years?

I started over fifteen years ago. I was just self taught. I’ve never had any training. I’ve taken photographs my whole life, but never moving pictures. Honestly, it kind of happened by accident. My friends and I would rotate camera duty at the beach, just swapping between shooting and surfing. We would only ever shoot when the waves were small, because none of us were willing to be on the beach behind a camera when it was pumping. So that’s kind of how I started. But as time went on I fell in love with the process of collecting moving images and editing them to music.


I started over fifteen years ago. I was just self taught.

Nathan Oldfield

I’ve also had a life long love affair with surf films. So in lots of ways when I look back it was just kind of a natural progression for me, a natural extension of a surfing life. It’s interesting to think about how my style may have changed over that time. In the last month I went through the process of adding all of my films to Vimeo On Demand, and I had to watch each film before I uploaded it. It was interesting for me because I don’t really watch my films after I make them. There are definitely little stylistic ways of shooting and editing images that seem to be present in each film. There are common threads in terms of content too: gender inclusivity, elders, storytelling, left-of-centre surfboards, left-of-centre surfers. And also, looking back, I feel that I can see an evolution in the craft of filmmaking. Each film seems like an improvement on the last in terms of production quality and watch-ability. At least I hope so!

Lauren Hill, and her Bing Raven, reflecting.

Lauren Hill, and her Bing Raven, reflecting.

Watching your films create as much stoke as a feeling of enlightenment. Is this intentional?

Thank you. That is such generous feedback. I feel deeply and intrinsically that surfing can be a metaphysical activity, as much as it is a physical activity or a sport. It may not be everyone’s experience, but I believe that if our hearts are open and receptive to the lessons that a surfing life imparts, we can actually become better human beings. Surfing can affect us so deeply and profoundly. I try not to get preachy about this kind of stuff in my films, but I think these kinds of themes naturally keep reoccurring.

Why did you decide to originally release 'The Church of the Open Sky' on DVD?

It was a lot of hassle, really, but I basically did it for my older audience. Personally I haven’t bought a DVD in years, but I know some people still like to buy something tangible that they can hold in their hands. I felt like it was the right thing to do, for those folk who have been such loyal supporters. Now that the DVDs are nearly all gone, I have released the movie on Vimeo On Demand. It’s a great platform for indie filmmakers like me because it enables you to side-step the distribution middle-man who usually takes a cut of over half a film’s profit. But at the same time it’s a bit of an experiment to go out on my own with distribution. This is the first time I have done it. It’s a risk because I’ve poured so much of myself into this film, my time, my money, my energy and my heart. But because I’m a self-funded independent filmmaker, I want to have a shot at being independent in how I share the film with the world.


David Rastovich and Lauren Hill are your good friends. Does this make it easier to shoot with them?

Yes we are really close and they live just down the road. We like working together for sure. Generally speaking, I tend to shoot with people I have a connection with. If I don’t click with a surfer on a personal level, I tend to not bother with working with him or her. Most of the people in my films are good friends. That’s why they keep popping up again and again in my movies.

David is riding the Bing Speed Square in 'The Church of the Open Sky'. What was your first impression when seeing him ride it?

I’ve seen Dave riding them for some years now. He makes it look really easy, but I’m hopeless on them. Chris makes them look great too. The special thing about the Speed Squares is how fast they can go. They are remarkably quick. Crazy speed. I never get tired of watching Dave ride the Squares. It’s proper fifth gear surfing, beautifully spontaneous and fresh. They really are unlike any other surfboard in the water

David Rastovich, locked in on a Bing Speed Square.

David Rastovich, locked in on a Bing Speed Square.

You ride Bing Surfboards, what models make you the most happy? 

I love my two Sunfish. They make me very happy on a regular basis. I’m also super pumped to try the new Concave Keel and Foil that I have just ordered. Matt’s boards are amazing. The craftsmanship and quality of Bing Surfboards is world class. It’s a pleasure and privilege to have them under my feet.

Do you plan on premiering 'The Church of the Open Sky' in Southern California or elsewhere in the US? 

Yes, finally it looks like I have a few shows in California and elsewhere in the States in the pipeline. First California showing will be Friday, September 15th at  The Sandbox Santa Barbara

Bing Wetsuits and New Board Models: Concave Keel and Bing Foil 2017


Our Employees Actually Surf.

Our employees are not limited to working in the factory in Encinitas, CA. Actually going surfing is a necessity for us to test our boards, wetsuits, and surf gear, allowing us to gather valuable feedback so we can improve our designs before we offer them to you.


Introducing Bing Wetsuits!

Not only do we need feedback about our surfboards, we also count on our crew to give us feedback on any product we make. Bing Surfboards is stoked to be offering our new wetsuit line! We have worked closely with our crew in Japan that hand crafts our wetsuits one at a time. Bing Wetsuits are made with high quality Japanese rubber, built with style and function in mind. Of course, they are extremely warm and flexible! Adam Cap and Mick Rodgers have given our design team feedback and suggestions for improvement before production. You can find a full selection of Bing Wetsuits at our shop in Encinitas, and on

New Shapes In The Water

Two new shapes recently added to our board catalog are the Bing Concave Keel and the Bing Foil 2017. Bing Warehouse Manager, Adam Cap and Bing rider, Mick Rodgers have put some quality time in the water testing both. Their feedback has helped Matt Calvani to fine tune these amazing new shapes. If you are interested in trying the Bing Concave Keel, we have a full line up of demo models available to ride at our shop in Encinitas, CA.

Warehouse Manager Adam Cap, laying into a clean beach break wall on the Bing Concave Keel, wearing the new Bing 'Falcon' Longsleeve Wetsuit. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Warehouse Manager Adam Cap, laying into a clean beach break wall on the Bing Concave Keel, wearing the new Bing 'Falcon' Longsleeve Wetsuit. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Speed and flow. The Bing Concave Keel has no problem gaining speed in any part of the wave. Adam Cap demonstrating how it's done on the high line. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Speed and flow. The Bing Concave Keel has no problem gaining speed in any part of the wave. Adam Cap demonstrating how it's done on the high line. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Slashing! Taking all the speed gained into a power turn, Adam let's the Concave Keel rail do it's thing. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Slashing! Taking all the speed gained into a power turn, Adam let's the Concave Keel rail do it's thing. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Bing Rider Mick Rodgers, driving on the new Bing Foil 2017 wearing the Bing 'Eagle' Long John Wetsuit. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Bing Rider Mick Rodgers, driving on the new Bing Foil 2017 wearing the Bing 'Eagle' Long John Wetsuit. Photo: @_bryantimm 

Bing Fullsuits Coming Soon!

The winter months in North America are upon us soon. We are currently in the process of producing a new Bing Full Suit, hand assembled in Japan to keep you styled and warm during the cold water months.  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified as soon as they are available!

Zio Baffa Night at the Calvani's

The Zio Baffa + Calvani Families came together this past weekend for good times, great food, and amazing wine. Lot's of friends and family enjoyed the evening. Matt Calvani was busy firing up coal fired pizza for everyone, and thanks to Zio Baffa for the delicious vino. Can't forget the cookies. Photos: @ambassador_of_stoke.

Leucadia Artwalk 2017 at Bing Surf Shop

Thanks to all that made it the shop in Leucadia ( Encinitas ) this past weekend for Leucadia Artwalk 2017! Jeannette Prince curated a great 'Jackson Pollock' painting project for the groms, and Bahgsu Jewels brought an awesome selection of their beautiful jewelry. Our friend, Andy Davis and his son Noah stopped by as well.